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Digital Data Streams

A Digital Data Stream (DDS) is the continuous digital encoding and transmission of data describing a related class of events. Examples abound, from Tweets and Instagrams, to the geolocation of merchant ships or the movement of soccer players on the pitch. The Internet of Things is impelling an acceleration of the proliferation of DDS with sensors increasingly embedded in cars, personal devices, and infrastructure.

We see digital data streaming as the newest evolution of computing - from batch and online processing of transactions to the continuous processing of streaming data. As with any historical shift, the opportunities for value creation are endless, and research must contribute to our understanding of the phenomenon.

The mission of the DDS Lab is to be at the forefront of knowledge and understanding of DDS - from their generation and processing to their productive and strategic use.


Refactoring Education

Breaking the Quality/Efficiency trade-off in Higher Ed

Conversational Interfaces

The ultimate human-machine interaction

Algorithmic Transparency

The impact on decision-making

Eddystone Beacons

Earthquake Survivors Identification


Manipulation of online reviews persuasiveness

Topic Modeling

Topic modeling for customer service analysis

Negative Reviews Management

Value extraction from negative online reviews

Customer Experience Management

Impact on efficiency and guests

P&W Index

Value extraction from a financial DDS

Online Reviews Heuristics

The impact on decision-making processes

Harnessing the IoT

Value Creation and Extraction

DDS value extraction

How firms create value with DDS

User-Generated Content

The impact of mobility and timing

Topic Modeling

Online reivew for service evaluation

Review Manipulation

Influencing the content of online reviews

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